Michael Manicotti

How a High Value Male Operates

Episode Summary

All females want to attract a high value male but few understand what they need to do in their own lives to do that. They do not operate by the same set of standards as the rest of the male population. This podcast outlines how a High Value male carries their life so they can recognize when they run into one.

Episode Notes

I deal with a lot of females. Some of them, especially ones you find in place like dating apps, who may build unrealistic expectations of someone they have never met, false narratives or project their desires on to other people do not understand how a high value person lives.

High value men like myself do not operate by the same set of rules as the rest of the male population. We are the rule makers and the rule breakers. We are not rule followers. This is key to understanding the mind of the High Value Male. So if you listen to these principals, understand them and implement them in your life, you might surprise yourself with the quality of mates you attract.

They are traditional - This means that they don't accept all these bullshit beliefs that have come along in the last 100 years that says that women and men are the same and therefore should be treated the same because they're not. The same reason women can give birth is the same reason we can't eat a lot of tuna fish. A thick blood brain barrier was put in their head for that purpose. But all these new age bitches are trying to feed us tuna and it's making us go crazy because we don't have a blood brain barrier to keep the lead out. That's why we can't stand things like nagging, complaining, or babies crying and shit like that. Women can because they were genetically designed for it. Women are scared of bugs because as a strong male, it's our job to kill any animals that may pose a threat to the family unit while they watch the children. It has nothing to do with you vs. me, it has to do with apples and oranges. An airplane mechanic can't necessarily fly a plane and a pilot cannot dismantle an engine, but in order to get that airplane off the ground they must work in tandem to execute the mission. This is how a high value male views tradition.

They don't play games - I'm not saying they don't have time to play games or that their time is more valuable than yours, but it is. So that being said, if you try to make a high value male jump through a hoop in order to appease you, you are wasting your time. You're not wasting his time, you're wasting your own time. He will merely put you in the entertainment file and utilize you as content for his podcast or website as an example of an unannoited bitch that needs to evolve more in order to fuck with him. They are listeners because they want to hear what YOU have to say so that THEY can make a decision of where they are going to put you in their life. I know you don't want to hear this but although a high value male might keep you around to fuck occasionally, that doesn't mean he wants a future or can envision one with you.

They abruptly dismiss all females that expect him to come up with elaborate first dates to impress THEM - Pussy is a disposable asset to a high value male and women who think like that are low value. If he doesn't know you and has never met you, he is not going to spend time figuring out what kind of lobster you're going to eat that night. He won't even get his secretary to do it because that bitch is going to be working on other shit relevant to him, not to you, because at this point you are not generating income for his operation. So if you are on a dating app or have any other bullshit in your mind, it is mandatory to purge any reference to an ideal first date from your dating profile immediately.

He uses dating apps for sex first, relationships, second - You might be on a dating app geared towards relationships, but if you plan on attracting a high value male understand that he only uses these apps to fuck first and ask questions later. Honestly, that's the best way to live anyways. It gets the primary reason for all the lies out of the way right up front and if it doesn't work, you can move on quickly. That being said, think about how you can make yourself appear fun, low maintenance, sexy, and non-committal first. Be ready to fuck. If you're not ready to sleep with him the second you swipe, then delete all the apps from your phone now, because you will never find what you are looking for on the app. Of course all guys want to fuck you, duh. Especially if you're hot, but a low value male is on dating apps because he can't get pussy anywhere else. A high value male is on them because he doesn't have time. There is a huge difference. Sometimes we don't even swipe. We just post up and wait for the pussy come to us and when it does, we pick the cheap easy oil to get out of the ground and start drilling. I know that might ruffle some feathers but it's true.

High value men don't tolerate negativity, complaining, or nagging out of a woman or anyone for that matter - Contrary to popular belief, your spouse or significant other is not your therapist. If you have problems going on at work, take it up with your boss, not the high value male. He deals with so much bullshit on a daily basis, he doesn't have any bandwidth to deal with yours. This is especially true if you're trying to tell him small shit compared to his big problems. I can't tell you how many bitches I have dealt with that get off work and wonder why I don't pickup the phone when they call. It's because I listened to you, made a decision on where to put you in my life and since you demonstrated yourself to be a complainer and lesser evolved human, you no longer get to occupy the high value female timeslot.

High Value men only use social media to generate income - Social media has no benefit to an educated person besides selling shit to the lesser educated. That's it. You can stay in touch with friends and family the old fashioned way by calling them and sending Christmas cards with your baby on them. The high value male doesn't need to see them floating through a twitter feed. But don't worry, he won't because those apps aren't even on his phone.

All high value males wish prostitution was legal in all 50 states - Sure we can attract hot ass bitches anytime we want, but that doesn't mean we want to hear them speak. This is why we wish prostitution was legal, so we could order these gals like a pizza and click which parts of their body we want them to open and close. I think this should be done regardless because people are doing it anyways and it would create a new line of business that the government could tax that would lower the overall crime rate. But that's beside the point. My point is that just like everyone else we have needs and the biggest pain in the ass for us when we have those desires is being sent through the dating meat grinder to deal with these females before we find one worth keeping.

He is a very generous man although you may never see it - The high value male is the one you see anonymously donating to charity, helping people who need help and pulling strings that nobody ever sees. He doesn't need recognition because he doesn't want his actions to be misconstrued. I do this and I have seen other people do this over the years by people in very high places. So the next time you try to take stabs at the high value male be aware that he may very well have helped you in a way that you don't even know.

He attracts attention through his actions - Sure he uses words to convey points if he wants to, but overall he is a man of action. This means that he gets shit done. He could be a loud person or a quiet person but the bottom-line is he is out there hustling and making shit happen and that's how he attracts attention. He doesn't worry about money or women, he knows that all of these things come when he is focused on his mission, whatever that may be.

He can be reckless and unpredictable at times - High value men live on the edge because they feel comfortable there. They know when to come down, but if they do it too long they become restless and then reckless and might even do unpredictable shit that scares them and other people. This could also be considered not giving a fuck . I do a lot of shit people think is reckless and unpredictable, like driving my camper all the way through Mexico alone. But, that's what I felt like I needed to do at the time because I am a high value man.

He doesn't tolerate bullshit out of anyone - This goes to the above point about not tolerating women who complain. A high value man does not entertain bullshit or mental pollution out of people, especially people who lack expertise in the area in which he specializes. If he hears it, he shuts it down and dismisses that person from the moment or his life.

He is an honest man and always keeps his word - He understands in living life with honesty and integrity. His word is his bond and even when he commits to a person or situation that may after further review put him in a difficult position or position him for a loss, he will at least furnish the other party with warning or consent before doing so. In extremely rare cases will he break his word or his bond. So consider it the written word.

He doesn't let others define him - He knows who he is, that means he doesn't give a shit about gossip, rumors, or chatter on or across any channel of communication. He might listen to it, but he doesn't entertain it. He knows his worth in the marketplace and proceeds with vigor towards his objectives and understands that naysayers and critics are lesser evolved humans that make will make no contribution to his mission and lack the firepower he does to wage a sustained war against him. He only listens to his fans and sometimes he doesn't even do that. Just know that by definition he is constantly defining and redefining himself and his path.

He speaks with people in person not on digital prison devices - A digital prison device (DPD) is any electronic medium used as a medium to communicate between humans. Cell phones, text messages, social media, etc. He doesn't communicate using those devices. He meets in person to discuss shit or might write a physical piece of snail mail to show he is a high value male and therefore makes an honest effort to communicate in a meaningful way with those he values. Don't try to have conversations with him in this manner and especially don't get upset if he doesn't reciprocate. Us high value males operate on a different wavelength and value our concentration and inner world, one thing that Digital Prison Devices interrupt. So if you want to meet up with a high value man, suggest to do it in person, preferably over a short interaction of something he might be interested in doing.

He will go to war if necessary but prefers to keep the peace - He is a powerful human, even more so that people could ever imagine. He does not like to wage war because he has already experienced it, yet he also understands the necessity for it. He knows that there are deceptive forces at play such as Fake Gurus and Fake artists who traffic in deception and con people into believing false ideals that bring little value to humanity. He takes stabs at these false profits merely for his own entertainment and as a warning to impending war if they choose to challenge him in his quest for truth.

He will always fuck you like you are the only one - He might attract a bunch of bitches and might fuck them all, but while you are with him he's going to sting you like the queen bee that you either are / are for the moment / or perceive yourself to be. There are no lazy fucks with this guy and if you think he fucked you lazy it's probably because you are so shitty at doing your job that he's just trying to get it over with.

He may reprimand the parents of unruly children - If you see a kid running around the restaurant or letting their dog bite people he might just kick that dog in the mouth and let you call the police. He doesn't give a fuck about what the rules are or what PETA has to say about it. If you are out of line because you lack balance in your relationship

He may reprimand a wanabee boss for disrespecting the hired help - If you're at the burrito restaurant and you make a snide comment to the worker about the lack of brown rice, there is a good chance the high value male is going to publicly reprimand you for disrespecting the hired hands. At the core, he understands that we are all human and though someone might not generate as much income as him, that does not mean they are not sentient and if they are sentient the deserve patience and respect. The same thing goes for the weak and the powerless segments of the population who may also be sentient beings but have some sort of aliment such as lower intelligence, education level or chronic sickness not brought on by bad habits.

He does not let the hire help or wannabee boss reprimand him - While he may pick or chose his battles he knows that at any given moment he may decide to drop the gauntlet down and shock any mouse that squeaks out of tern. This could mean the guy at the home improvement store that barks at the high value man or makes a snide comment or remark when the high value male attempts to help him or answer a question he asked to someone else.

He doesn't attract unnecessary attention to himself - This does not mean that he does not like attention. This means that he will not run out and purchase a hot car because he is trying to impress some segment of the population. He might purchase a material item to reward himself and it might attract attention by default, but that is not the goal initially. He understands the value in remaining low key and that lower humans may target him or build false narratives in their mind with this unnecessary attention. Being a high value male attracts all sorts of attention by default because it makes him the outlier and outliers are typically magnetic. While he may use this attention to his advantage or to serve his mission he does not use it as a dopamine hit like people who are addicted to social media.

He is and remains detached - While he is committed to working hard and achieving results, he ultimately understands as an experienced business person that it pays in spades to never be committed to any certain outcome. He knows that markets change, people change, and things change. He doesn't chase after people if they want to leave or fight for relationships. He understands and lets go and understands situations can only be controlled through magnetism not polarization or electrification.

He admits his mistakes but only from a proven party - He understands that unenlightened humans and the ignorant and opinionated frequently demonize him for going his own way. He is not afraid to admit to any mistake he makes if only proven and brought to his attention by someone who is on the same wavelength or someone that he admires. Even then he may chose to reject that insight if it is not based upon a higher level of experience retained by the objector. He rejects mob rules mentality that if 10 people say he is wrong he is wrong. He accepts that if 10 people say he is wrong and 1 is an expert in the field for which he committed the mistake, then he will concede or consider the advice so as to make the best possible decision.

He writes his shit down so others can learn – He makes to-do lists to hold himself accountable for getting shit done and also writes down lessons he has learned so others can benefit from his experiences. Books, blog posts or music are great ways to do this.

He reads books instead of watching TV – Goes back to the quote about the fact that Ferrari doesn’t advertise on TV because their clients don’t watch any of it.

He is a master of his inner world – Basically he listens to his inner voice and intuition to direct him and keep him focused on his objectives. Tries to keep his inner world free from pollution. Goes back to shit like watching TV or social media. Platforms designed to take you off track and get you focused on other people’s missions.

Some other points I may add later:

He teaches himself new unique skills and focuses on his craft